Ann Taylor RN

Health Care Industry

nurseTen years in nursing and fifteen years in the business arena was great preparation for my career in medical recruitment. My nursing experience dealt with a diverse population of patients in Surgical and Cardiac ICU. I served as a staff nurse and nurse manager. Holding a position as nurse manager with Tidewater Red Cross Blood Services took me into the mainstream population as a representative bringing a vital service to medicine in general.

I then held the position of VP of Design and Sales of a family-owned Manufacturing & Import company. I worked with vendors and large retail store groups throughout the U.S. Public relations and customer service were encompassed in this role.

I believe in people and work diligently with educated and devoted candidates in the medical field. It is my responsibility to help the candidate advance in his/her career specialty and provide the client with a person who will be an asset to the organization.

My expertise in is the following:

  • All Service Line Management and Director Level RNs
  • Cath lab techs and nurses
  • VPs of Nursing, Education
  • Case Management Directors

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